Now arriving in the Bay Area.

Getting around the Bay Area is easier and safer with your Clipper card on iPhone or Apple Watch. Just tap and ride, there’s no need to use Face ID, Touch ID1, or touch a vending machine or card reader.

Open Apple Wallet and tap
the plus icon
to get started.

Ride the

buses and trainswith Pay.

Clipper is available for buses, trains, and ferries throughout the Bay Area, so with your Clipper card in Wallet you can get where you need to go faster with just your iPhone or Apple Watch.

How to add
a Clipper
to the Wallet app.

Step 1

Open Apple Wallet.

Step 2

the plus icon.

Step 3

Select Clipper card.2

How to transfer your physical

Clipper card to your iPhone.

If you already have a physical Clipper card3, you can easily transfer it to your iPhone or Apple Watch.

  1. Open Apple Wallet.
  2. Tap
    the plus icon
    , then “Clipper card.”
  3. Tap “Transfer Existing Card” and follow onscreen instructions.

Travel around the Bay Area.

Use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay your fare on all 24 transit agencies across the Bay Area, like BART and Muni.

See where Clipper is accepted

Reload on
the go.

Add cash value to your Clipper card instantly with Apple Pay in the Wallet app anytime from wherever you are.

Get real-time
transit info
in Apple Maps.

Plan your trip with real-time transit schedules and directions via buses, trains, and ferries in Apple Maps.

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Get started in Maps

Questions answered.

How do I add a new Clipper card to Apple Wallet?

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and press the
    the plus icon
  • Select “Clipper card” under Transit, tap Continue.
  • Select the amount of cash value to add and follow the prompts to complete purchase.

What types of physical Clipper cards can I transfer to Apple Wallet?

You can add Adult, Youth, Senior, and RTC Clipper cards. Translink cards and Clipper cards with some special fare products can’t be added to Apple Wallet3. Be sure to keep your plastic Clipper card for Bay Wheels bikeshare use and your RTC card for fare inspection.

What devices are eligible for Clipper card in Apple Wallet?

iPhone 8 or later with iOS 14.3, or Apple Watch Series 3 or later with watchOS 7.2 or later.

Can I use my Clipper card on both iPhone and Apple Watch?

A Clipper card can only be on one device at a time, but you can easily move it between your devices.

From iPhone to Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the “Wallet and Apple Pay” option.
  3. Under “Other cards on your phone”, choose the card you want to transfer to your Apple Watch and tap the “ADD” button next to it.
  4. Follow onscreen instructions to complete the transfer.

From Apple Watch to iPhone:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the “Wallet and Apple Pay” option.
  3. Under “Payment cards on your Watch”, choose the card you want to transfer to your iPhone and select “Add card to [iPhone name].”
  4. Follow onscreen instructions to complete the transfer.

Do I need to unlock my device to use Clipper?

With Express Transit there’s no need to use Face ID or Touch ID1 to ride transit. When you add your first Clipper card to your iPhone or Apple Watch, it will automatically be enabled for Express Mode. Any additional Clipper cards will not be automatically enabled for Express Transit, but you can easily enable Express Mode in the Settings app.

Retail add value machines and handheld Clipper card readers do not support Express Mode. Without Express Mode, you must authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, your passcode or double click on your Apple Watch for the Clipper reader to read your Clipper card. Learn more about riding transit without Express Mode.

For more questions about Clipper, visit the Clipper website. For more questions about Apple Pay, visit the Apple Support website.